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Our Work with your pet:

Your Pet’s Day:
Our plan for your pet’s spay or neuter surgery begins when you call us to make an appointment. We carefully fill out the registration form as you give us the information we need about your pet. When you arrive at the clinic for your pet’s appointment, we have already prepared your pet’s ID collar and cage card.

Clinic Photo  Clinic Photo

We carefully weigh each dog and cat as they are checked in so that we can determine the exact amount of needed medication. Our vet techs give your pet an anesthetic injection, check ears, clip nails, and shave the surgical area before giving your pet gas anesthesia in the surgery room.

Clinic Photo  Clinic Photo

Sydney Lila, LVT, is giving this sweet cat a shot before going to surgery.

Clinic Photo

Dr. Eberly in surgery.

Clinic Photo  After surgery, each pet is wrapped in a blanket with a heating pad
and carefully watched while on the recovery mat.

Clinic Photo   Clinic Photo

When our medical staff determine that your pet has awakened, they return
your pet to the cage area. Lynn Scholten, Vet Tech, is carrying this big,
beautiful boy back to his cage in our dog room after surgery.

Clinic Photo

 Veterinary Assistant, Mandalynn Scholten, is helping Dr. Eberly check
a dog’s incision. Our veterinarian checks your pet’s incision and
general condition before she releases your pet to go home.

Clinic Photo

Sometimes we recommend a cone to promote healing.

 Clinic Photo   Clinic Photo

Going home! Happy owners pick up their pets to take home!

Clinic Photo   Clinic Photo

Our Work with the public:

Dr. Koelzer talking to children at our open house, explaining spay / neuter surgery and its importance.

Clinic Photo Clinic Photo

Melody demonstrating how to set a live trap for feral cats.

Clinic Photo

Thank you for letting us care for your companion animals!

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