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This sweet kitten’s surgery was sponsored by the BISSELL Pet Foundation through a Blocktail Party Grant.

The West Michigan Spay and Neuter Clinic was very grateful to receive a generous gift from the BISSELL Pet Foundation from a Blocktail Party Grant. The grant allowed us to fix owned cats and help to subsidize the cost of feral cats in our community. The grant also helped us lower the cost of the spay or neuter of over 100 dogs.


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The West Michigan Spay and Neuter Clinic received a grant award of $10,000, which will extend its ability to support the lifesaving efforts of spay and neuter surgeries in our community.


 Other things we’ve done…

Open House flyer


WMSNC held an Open House with Guided Tours, a Garage Sale, Food and Fun!

People could drop off their garage sale items at a collection POD outside of the Clinic. There were plenty of activities, like face painting, some yummy food, like B.B.Q. pork sandwiches, and there was a petting zoo.

Animal Rescue groups  were there, too, and we made feral cat shelters available with a donation.




World Spay Day

Clinic Photo


WMSNC participated in World Spay Day events in 2014. The staff participated in World Spay Day by wearing promotional t-shirts and by passing out goodie bags to each of our patients on that day. Last year, we were honored when the Humane Society of the United States rewarded us for our efforts by giving us a grant to subsidize low cost spay and neuter surgeries.



Clinic PhotoWe participated in raising public awareness about the possibility of unexpected pregnancies in pets between four and six months old. We LOVE kittens and puppies. These cuties will not have an unwanted litter because they were fixed in time to prevent it.

   Clinic Photo

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